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Architectural Design
Noor Art and Architecture studio presents is ready to have cooperation with employers, contractors, and architectural counseling  in  different architectural design fields like plan design, interior and facade design, landscape and green space design for residential, trading, official, institutional, and recreational purposes.
Industrial Design
Relying on daily progress in construction and production methodologies and using different tools like CNC  or 3D printers, Art & Architectural Atelier of Noor represents these following services, by having experienced designing team,  nearly 10 decades of action in designing contexts and working with different 3D software:
Industrial designing of different products
Producing  primary model  of pieces and designed products
Representing designing and 3D modeling to factories and production units in different context of designing accessories, industrial pieces, furniture, manufactures of stone, wood, and metal for turning, milling, CNC, and 3D print.
3D Visualization
Architectural and Art Atelier of Nour represents following services in broad context of computer graphics:
Architectural simulation in the framework of virtual tour, 3D real-time virtual visit and virtual reality
Simulation and presentation of 3D architecture
Making simulator software in order to show  how to work with different pieces and products interactive
Making industrial animations and showing the function of different products
Making architectural animation
Making teaser and advertising films
3D modeling and rendering of industrial pieces and tools
Designing visual effects of movies and series
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Phone : +98 913 286 5644
Esfahan , Iran
Noor Art and Architecture Studio